Project 1


      - Growth and fabrication of GaN-based Power Device using Molecular Beam Epitaxy
      - Growth and chracterization of AlN using unbalanced magnetron sputtering
      - Fabrication of hybrid LC device on Si substrate


MBE system


Hybrid LC filter

TEM image of AlN



Project 2


      - Advanced Drug Delivery Mediated by Uniform Microsperes of Biodegradable Polymers  
      - Microcapsules for Drug Delivery and for Encapsulation of Cells


Chitosan microspheres

Gelatin microspheres

Uniform alginate-shell and ethyl cellulose-core microcapsules (a) in droplet form and (b) in solid form



Project 3


       - Copper Nanowires grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition: Structure and Growth Mechanism

       - Fabrication of Field Emission Display Device using Copper Nanowires


SEM image of CuNWs, Bright field TEM image and corresponding DPs

CuNWs emitter array on ITO glass



Project 4


       - Theoretical study of the multi-jet flow-limited field-injected electrostatic spray (FFESS) technology.

       - Fabrication, characterization and application of copper nanoparticle, nanowire and thin film produced by

         FFESS-CVD technology.

       - Field emission study of copper nanowires.

       - Large-area coating and pattern generation on conducting and insulating substrate using FFESS technology.



Project 5


      - Deposition of Anatase Titana using Flow-Limited Field-Injection Electrostatic Spraying (FFESS)
      - Copper Nanowires, Nanoparticles, and Thin Films by FFESS
      - Direct-Writing of Silver Lines using Single-Jet Flow-Limited Field-Injection Electrostatic Spraying



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